Your Podiant dashboard is the place you manage your podcast. If you have multiple podcasts on one account, each podcast has its own dashboard.

Getting to the dashboard

From, login using the "Login" link in the menu. If you don't see it, and instead you see your avatar and name or username, click "My podcasts". Otherwise, click "Login".

You'll now see a list of podcasts. Click the podcast you want to manage, and you'll be taken to your dashboard.

We sometimes refer to things in your dashboard, like the "About your podcast" section. If you feel lost at any point while in the dashboard, look to the breadcrumb bar near the top. If you see the word "Dashboard" in red, you're already at the homepage. If you see it in grey, click it and you'll be taken back to the homepage.

The breadcrumb trail

Moving around the dashboard

To see your podcast website, click the "Back to my podcast" button in the top menu.

To switch to another podcast, click the button that carries your avatar and name, and select the podcast you want to switch to. That will take you to the homepage of that podcast's dashboard.


You'll find settings for your podcast (like podcast name, artwork, description, timezone etc) by hovering over your podcast artwork. In the image above, this is the logo in the red box. Once you hover over the artwork, you'll see a list of submenu options, like "Settings" and "Website".
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