Instead of using the * domain for your podcast, you can purchase a domain name (from a service like I Want My Name) and point that domain to Podiant.

The simplest approach: use Cloudflare

Please note: the below is only a suggestion, and involves steps which, if followed incorrectly may cause your domain name or website to stop working. If you're in doubt, contact your domain provider or Cloudflare.

Podiant cannot and does not provide support for domain name issues, and we are not responsbile for any problems that arise from pointing your domain to Podiant.

That said, to point your domain name to Podiant using Cloudflare:

Assuming you've purchased your domain, sign up - or login - to Cloudflare
Click the "Add site" link in the main menu
Type in your domain name and click "Begin scan"
Cloudflare will scan your existing DNS records, ready to copy them over. When the scan is complete, click "Continue setup"
On the next page, click the "X" button next to any A records whose name is set to "@" and remove any records whose name is set to "www"
From the dropdown just below "Search DNS records", select "CNAME" and in the "Name" box, type "@" (without quotations marks), and in the "Donain name" box, enter your Podiant domain name (""). Click "Add record". This will create your naked domain record
Repeat the previous step, replacing @ with "www" (again, without quotation marks)
Make sure you're happy with all the other DNS records (MX records, etc), then click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the list of records
Select "Free website" from the "Select a Cloudflare plan" list, and click "Continue"
Follow the instructions on the next page to update your nameservers (you do this in conjunction with your domain provider)

Depending on the domain name provider and the type of domain you've bought, this may take a matter of minutes, hours or days (typically it doesn't take longer than 24 hours). Once done, skip to the final section of this guide. (You'll know the process is complete if you type in your domain name, and your browser shows either your podcast site or the Podiant site. If you see the Podiant site (and not your podcast), carry on to the final section of this guide. If you see your podcast, you're all set.)

Further detail: the www prefix and the naked domain

When you point a domain name to a website, you typically do this by creating an A record in your DNS configuration. The service you purchased the domain name from can help you set this up, or you can use Cloudflare's free DNS service to manage your records.

Normally when you point a domain name to a website, you create an A record for the "naked" domain ( is a naked domain, because it doesn't start with **www****.**) which points to an IP address, and a CNAME record for your www subdomain, which points to the same place as the naked domain. That means that if people type your web address with or without wwws, they will still see your site.

An A record needs an IP address, but because Podiant is hosted in the cloud, the IP address won't always be consistent, so we use a CNAME record. This works fine for the www subdomain, because subdomains (bits that come before your naked domain) allow CNAME records, whereas your naked domain typically does not.

If you move your DNS to Cloudflare, you can create a CNAME record on your naked domain, just as you can with the www subdomain, via the instructions above. But if you don't use Cloudflare, you'll need to ask your domain name provider if they can redirect traffic from the naked domain to the www subdomain, so anyone typing will first be redirected to ****, and then will see your podcast website. Podiant can't provide any more support on this because it differs wildly from provider to provider.

Telling Podiant about the change

Once you've setup your domain name, you can visit your Podiant dashboard, select "Podcast" from the left-hand menu, then "Website" from the submenu. Scroll down to the "Custom domain" section, enter your new domain name, then click "Save changes". Take note of the information and warnings in that section, as they are important to know.

Now, if someone visits ****, they'll be redirected to your custom domain. However, if you visit, you'll still see your dashboard in the same place, so there's no need to change bookmarks. And your RSS feed URL won't change, neither should you need to change any links you already have to your website, as Podiant will handle the redirects.

Please note that we don't currently support SSL (URLs starting with https:// instead of http://) for custom domains. You can use Cloudflare to enable SSL for your custom domain, but we have not tested this approach so don't currnetly recommend it.
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