Podiant's Twitter integration allows you to automatically post new episodes of your podcast directly to your Twitter timeline.

Enabling Twitter

From the dashboard of the podcast you want to integrate with, select the "Podcast" menu and then click "Integrations".
Toggle the on/off switch next to "Twitter" to the "on" position (it's off by default).
Login and authenticate with Twitter, clicking the "Authorize app" button when you see it.
The next episode you publish will be automatically posted to your Twitter timeline, with a link and hashtags.

Twitter preferences in more detail

To change settings for this integration, click the "Open preferences" button underneath the "Twitter" heading.


Specify a string of text that will be used to create the text of your tweet. The default is [title] [url] [hashtags] , Each piece of text surrounded by square brackets will be replaced by the relevant item of data. You can add to the template, use punctuation or change the order of items. But be sure not to make your template too long so that your text doesn't go over the 240 character limit.


Enter a list of space-separated hashtags (for example: #podcast #podernfamily #newepisode ). These will be put in place of the [hashtags]  placeholder text in the template.

Enable this service

Check this box to ensure your podcast episodes are posted to your Twitter timeline.

Show my timeline in the sidebar

Check this box to show your add your Twitter profile to your podcast website. In the default theme this will be seen in the right-hand sidebar, but it may appear in other places on different themes.

Episodes with a publish date in the future

If you set an episode's publish date to a future time, Podiant will wait until that publish time before adding a post to your Twitter timeline.

Episodes posted before the integration was enabled

Episodes posted before the integration was enabled will not be added to your Twitter timeline, even if you re-save the episode or change the audio file.


If you receive a notification that the Twitter integration encountered an error, check your Twitter account to ensure you haven't revoked Podiant's posting privileges, and that you haven't tweeted the same content already.

Checking Podiant is enabled within Twitter

While logged into Twitter:

Click your avatar in the top-right hand corner of the Twitter toolbar and click "Settings and privacy".
From the left-hand menu, select "Apps".
Look for the "Podiant integration" app.

If you don't see "Podiant integration" listed here, you may have revoked access to the app, or you have perhaps connected Podiant to a different Twitter account.

To re-enable Twitter, from within your Podiant dashboard:

Select the "Podcast" menu and then click "Integrations".
If the "Twitter" switch is already in the "on" position, click it to toggle it to the "off" position, thus disabling the integration from Podiant's side.
Toggle the "Twitter" switch to the "on" position, and re-authenticate with Twitter by clicking the "OK" button when you see it.

If you're still having difficulties, contact our support team and we'll take a look.

Errors enabling the integration

If you encounter an error enabling the integration, contact our support staff, giving as much detail as you can about the errors you're receiving or the unexpected behaviour that's occurring.
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