Host pages are a great way to learn more about the people making the podcast, acquire their contact information, and to see what other projects they’ve done.

From the dashboard

On the left sidebar menu, click on “Hosts” and then “+ New host.”

Fill out form to add a host

Fill out as much information as possible. There's no limit. You might include your location, any other podcasts you work on, and anything else you'd like listeners to know about you.
A photo will not automatically pull, so you can ask that host to send you a photo or manually pull it from one of their social media pages and upload it.
Under “Hosts” you can view a list of all hosts and make any necessary changes.


On the Podiant website beneath the latest episode, “About the podcast,” and RSS feeds, the hosts’ photos and names will appear as links to the “meet the hosts” page where listeners can read more about the hosts.
The link to the “meet the hosts” page is also on the bottom menu bar on the Podiant website.
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