Like Apple and Spotify, Stitcher is a closed ecosystem, and you need a specific account to list your show within the app. Also bear in mind that Stitcher re-hosts your audio, and does not provide analytics that are compatible with hosting services like Podiant.

If you did want to list your podcast on Stitcher, here's how.

Create a partner account

Make sure you're happy with the terms of your account before signing up. Then fill in the contact information form and click "Continue".

Getting your RSS feed URL

You'll need your RSS feed URL in the next step. You'll find it in your Podiant dashboard, on the right-hand side, in "About your podcast". Just click the URL and it'll be copied into your clipboard.

Once your account is setup and you have your RSS feed URL...

Login to the Stitcher Partner Portal with your username and password
Select "Add shows" from the top menu

Enter the title of your show and the RSS feed URL, select the language and choose appropriate categories
Select the rough estimate of your listener numbers (no, we don't know why they ask for that either), add your Twitter handle and Facebook URL if relevant
Enter a list of keywords that will make your podcast more searchable within the Stitcher database
Read through the terms and conditions, and if you agree, check the "I agree" box and then hit Continue

Your submission will be reviewed and should be approved within a few days.

Once it's approved...

Head back to the Stitcher Partner Portal and scroll down to the "Your shows" section. You should find your show listed there.

You should see a line of text reading "Link to your show page on Stitcher". Right-click the URL underneath that text and paste that into the box labeled "Enter your Stitcher URL" in the Settings \> Directory listings section of your Podiant dashboard.
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