Making a podcast takes work, and a lot of that is invisible to the listener. If you’re editing the show, make sure you’ve got someone behind the scenes.

Do you have the energy to keep up with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the week after you’ve completed an edit, or can you ask someone for help?

If you have a co-host, you can ask them to share the load. If one person takes the edit, someone else can handle the show notes. If one person is charged with wrangling guests, the other can be on social media and listener engagement.

Sadly, not everyone on your team is going to be as committed as you. You can make their lives easier by working to their schedule, or by making the recording process as hassle-free as possible, but if you give them jobs and they’re not fully on-board, you don’t want to end up holding the bag.

This should be fun, so don’t overload yourself or your team.


Are your co-hosts committed to the project?
Do you have a system for keeping all your collaborators up-to-date?
Assign jobs to your co-hosts, like guest wrangling, show note writing, or social media


Write down everything you need to do to produce an episode: from writing a script or gathering discussion topics, right through to artwork, show notes and promotion online
Discuss these jobs with your co-hosts or other helping hands, to see how you can spread the workload
Look into a free project management tool like Trello or Asana, add your teammates and assign jobs so everyone’s accountable
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