Before you plan your first episode, there are some important settings to fill out that will affect the default time, artwork, and searchability of your podcast.

From the dashboard

On the left sidebar menu, click on “Podcast” to get to the settings page.
Fill out every line: name, feed title, subtitle, author, owner name, owner email, language, copyright, categories, keywords, description, artwork and timezone.
Each enhances the searchability of your podcast across different platforms, such as Apple Podcasts.

Categories (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

Select something different for all three categories. This is especially important for Apple Podcasts.


Think of what you would write for hashtags and distill those to the most important words so that people can find your podcast. These also aid SEO. For example, if you have a D&D podcast, you might use the following keywords: tabletop rpg, rpg, actual play, role playing, dieselpunk, magic, fantasy, improv, and game.


Include a description of your podcast. When a potential listener looks through a podcast directory and sees your podcast, the description should provide a short synopsis so that the he or she can decide whether to listen.


This default artwork will appear for your podcast unless you upload different artwork for specific episodes.
Artwork should be 1400x1400 pixels or 2800x2800 pixels. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator, GIMP (free and open-source), or other photo editors to adjust the pixel size.

Webpage URL

Only fill this out if you’ve purchased a custom domain. This will not alter the URL of your Podiant site but will be the URL listed within the RSS feed, and tells Apple Podcasts and other directories where to link back to. If you have a custom URL, put it here; otherwise it will default to your address.


The timezone defaults to UTC. Set the timezone to your location. When you set the time and date to publish your episode, it will use whatever timezone is listed here in settings.

Explicit Language

If you check this box, Apple Podcasts will mark your podcast with a parental advisory label. This prohibits children (if parental controls are turned on) from stumbling upon your podcast in Apple Podcasts if you use explicit language or adult content. 

At this time, Podiant does not have the ability to mark just one episode as explicit. It’s really up to your best judgment whether to mark your entire podcast as explicit or not.

No Longer Producing
Checking this box marks the feed as archived, so it’ll no longer send out weekly reports or perform certain other kinds of checks. Also, on a network site, shows will be listed under “Archived shows.”
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