From the dashboard

On the left sidebar menu, click on “Podcast” to get to the settings page.
Then click on “website."

Banner image
The best image depends on screen size and theme, but 1200 pixels wide by around 600 pixels tall will look decent at lots of different browser widths and screen resolutions. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator, GIMP (free and open-source), or other photo editors to adjust the pixel size.


Choose from one of the available themes. \[Custom theming will be available in the future but not at this time.\] 


If you know CSS, you can customize the appearance of some aspects of the website, such as the colors, fonts, and in some cases, visibility or placement of items.

Google Analytics tracking ID

Set up Google Analytics to see statistics on visits to your Podiant website: the number of visitors, the country of origin, and how they found your site.
Go to to sign up.

Disqus site ID

If you’d like to create a comment section on your Podiant website where listeners can leave feedback, sign up at and add your ID here.

Facebook Pixel ID

If you’d like to advertise your podcast on Facebook, set up a Facebook Pixel at
Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that will allow you reach the right audience, gain more listeners, and measure the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

Customizing the wording of sections on your website and message 404

From the dashboard, on the left sidebar menu, click on “Podcast” to get to the settings page.
Then click on “text strings and messages”
Update the wording to something clever, more specific, or whatever else you'd like to use.
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