Even before your first episode, it’s handy to have a sense of how you’ll market your show.

Setup your social media profiles with memorable names that are ideally the same across each site.

Find the Facebook groups, subreddits or hashtags where fans of your topic hang out. Podcasting communities are good for swapping tips, but they’re all looking to promote their show just as much as you.

Put a trailer together, made up of bits you’ve already recorded, or specially-produced material that clues people into the show. Upload the trailer to your podcast feed and submit it to Apple Podcasts, giving plenty of time for them to review it. Then pass the trailer around to your friends, followers and online communities.

Make sure to read and abide by the rules set out in those communities. Reddit is especially touchy about self-promotion, so be respectful and if you’re in doubt, ask the community moderators.

Have a couple of backdated episodes already in your feed before you start promoting it, so listeners have something to enjoy, and a sense of your schedule.


Setup Twitter, Facebook, (and Instagram?) profiles for your show
Research Facebook groups, subreddits and Twitter or Instagram hashtags - these can be hard to find, so ask in other places - that fans of your subject matter hang out. These are your most likely listeners
Approach these communities before you post your first episode. Let them know your’e working on a show and ask them for advice, topics or invite people to be guests. Pre-promotion is less tacky than doing it after the fact
Put together a short trailer. This will prime your RSS feed as you need at least one episode before you submit to Apple. You can send this trailer to your communities to let them know what kind of show you’re making
Launch with a small handful of episodes, to give listeners a sense of your schedule
Be respectful of groups’ rules. You don’t want to be marked as a spammer before your first episode is out.


If you have a long show title, condense it down into a couple of words
Search for domain names, Twitter handles and Facebook profiles that are easy to remember and say aloud. They don’t have to be short, but avoid words with ambiguous spellings
Use NameCheckr to see if your name is taken
Reserve your name in each of the profiles that matters to you
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