If you’re recording with friends over Skype, buy each one a budget USB condenser mic. They’ll make a big difference over a built-in laptop mic.

If you’re out in the field, you need a portable recorder that sounds good. You can buy one for under $100, but spring for a screw-on handle to cut down on noise as you pass the mic around.

If you’re doing one-on-one interviews, consider a portable recorder and a couple of lapel or lavaliere mics. That way you can sit comfortably. Just make sure everything’s fully-charged before you start.

If you’re recording around a table, you’ll pick up lots of echo from the room on a single mic, and if you use separate mics, you’ll have to deal with sound bleeding from the other ones in the room.

Think clearly about the format of your show and any restrictions on time and budget before choosing your equipment.


Very lightly storyboard a typical episode
How do your requirements change for each block in your storyboard?
Check our gear list for ideas, but \do your own research\* before making a decision
Check YouTube for reviews and product demos
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