Adding audio for an episode in Podiant consists of two important steps: uploading and processing. When you upload a file, a solid blue bar will indicate the upload time. If that bar is moving slowly, read our guide on slow upload times. If that bar moves quickly and is replaced by a slow-moving striped bar, read on.

After a file is uploaded to our storage provider, it's added to a queue for processing. Depending on demand, this process may happen immediately, or within a minute or so.

Podcasts hosted on the Community plan are in a separate queue from those on the Professional plan. You may experience faster upload times by upgrading to our Professional plan (you can do so from your Podiant dashboard).

There are a number of things that happen when a piece of audio is being processed. The file format is standardised and metadata is added to the file (along with artwork and chapter headings). Once done, the file size and duration are read so that this can be added to your RSS feed.

Depending on the length of your audio, the first part of the process may take a while, and it's normal for you to see a striped progress bar that doesn't move. This means that your audio is being converted, but we're unable to give you an update on how much of the conversion is complete. We hope to provide more visual feedback in the future.

It's very, very rare for processing to fail (or to not start) without you being notified, so please keep your browser window open and hold tight. If an issue occurs, you'll see a message in the notification area, and you'll get an email a few minute later should you miss the notification.

Once processing is complete, the progress bar will turn green and the Save button will become enabled. If you receive a warning notification during that time, your episode has almost certainly processed correctly and will be perfectly playable; there may just have been an issue with a third-party integration (most commonly this is a Facebook issue).
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