People and robots don't read your site’s content the same way. Generally, you should write material with people in mind so that it’s engaging, varied, and concise. Here, you have the option to cater to the search options' preferences without affecting what listeners will see on your website. 

From the dashboard

On the left sidebar menu, click on “Podcast” to get to the settings page.
Then click on “discoverability.”

Page Title and Page Description

If you don’t fill out this information, search engines will use the title and description that you filled out under settings.

If you want search engines to see different information, add this here. Only search engines will see this information.

Title, Description, and Image for Twitter and Facebook

If this isn’t filled out, this will default to what you filled out under the episode’s description. If you don’t fill out anything under the episode, the title and description will be blank and the image will default to artwork from the podcast settings.

Exchange episodes with other podcasts

By default, this is switched off.
Checking this box will do two things. It will list your episodes on other Podiant pages where your episode tags match with other podcasts’ tags. Also, it will add a section to your Podiant site to display other podcasts from Podiant that have similar tags to your episodes.

List my show in the Podiant directory

By default, this is switched on.
This will add your podcast name and artwork to the list found at
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