Whether you want to increase your influence or you’ve got a particular story to tell, you’ll need to think about your audience.

Successful shows don’t have to find a niche because they arrived with fully-formed audiences. If you’re just starting out, you need to think more strategically.

If you’re making a show for yourself, think about what it is about this show that others will like, or what element of your personality you’re bringing. If it’s a show about a particular piece of media, find out where fans of that media hang out.

Before you hit record, contact these audiences You can post that you’re looking for ideas to start a new show, then revisit the post when you’ve uploaded a trailer.

Think about who’s going to subscribe, and who’s likely to help spread the word. You’re looking for evangelists; people who’ll enthusiastically tell their friends about your podcast. They’re hard to find, but once you spot them, hold onto them.


Who’s going to subscribe?
Who’s likely to help you spread the word?


Imagine your ideal listener. Think of them as a real person; give them a name and a job
Write their social media bio; 140-280 characters that sum up the person
Find out where this person and their friends hang out, and introduce yourself in those spaces
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