What you call your podcast matters more than you might think.

The name of your show should be tied into your website address and social media profiles. Think about how the name sounds when you say it aloud.

Try and avoid puns or words that sound similar, as this will lead to confusion when people are visiting your website.

Words that sound like others can also be tricky if you want people to listen via a voice assistant, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Search Google and the Apple Podcasts directory for shows with a similar name to yours. If you find one that’s been dormant for a couple of years or more, you’re probably safe. Otherwise, you might want to think about something else.

Make sure you can get a good Twitter handle, above all else. Twitter is a great way for people to contact you with feedback and followup, so you want a name that isn’t confusing, that people can instantly find and interact with.


A short and snappy name is good, but a long domain name is fine as long as it’s easy to type and quick to say
Use iwantmyname.com to check domain names
Use namecheckr.com to check social media profiles


If you’re set on your show title, brainstorm the domain names and social media handles you could use
Search Google, YouTube, SoundCloud and the Apple Podcasts directory for shows with a similar name, and make any adjustments accordingly
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