If you'd like to use music in your podcast, you'll need to acquire the rights to this music yourself. There are three main categories of music: commercially licensed music, library music and podcast music.

Commercially licensed music -- like chart hits and movie soundtracks -- can be expensive, and there are multiple rights organisations you may have to deal with. It will all depend entirely on your country of origin, and where you expect your listeners to be. You can start by Googling "podcast music license".

Library music typically involves tracks you can buy a limited license for. A license can range from $5 to $100, or in some cases more, depending on the artist, the length of the track, its popularity and the type of license you want. You can get something that sounds really good for around $20, and a good place to start is AudioJungle.

Finally, podsafe music includes tracks usually licensed under Creative Commons. You can Google "podsafe music" and find a variety of tracks, but make sure you read the licensing info that comes with the music, as you may be obliged to give full and proper credit for the tracks you use.
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