Adding audio for an episode in Podiant consists of two important steps: uploading and processing. When you upload a file, a solid blue bar will indicate the upload time. If that bar is moving slowly, read on. If that bar moves quickly and is replaced by a slow-moving striped bar, read our guide on slow processing.

We use Amazon Web Services to handle storage of audio. When you drag an episode into the uploader or pick it from your file browser, that file goes directly (secretly and securely) to Amazon.

If you're seeing slow upload times, it might be because your ISP is limiting your bandwidth. This may especially be true if you've uploaded lots of audio over a short space of time.

Another reason might be to do with interconnection. Amazon works with many ISPs, and may put Amazon hardware inside your ISP's data centres. They do this to reduce bandwidth costs, but very occasionally one of these interconnections may fail or experience difficulties. When this happens, it can feel like it's just you that's having the problem, but may other people using the service may experience issues, as a lot of the web is powered by services provided by Amazon, so if an interconnection between Amazon and your ISP fails, it may feel like parts of the Web are broken, while other parts work just fine.

What to try

  • Wait an hour and upload again. It may seem a glib response, but sometimes issues are just temporary.
  • Clear your browser cache. This varies from browser to browser, but may help if there is stray data that's tying you to a slow server.
  • Try a different browser for a short time. If you use Chrome, try Firefox for example, and see if that helps.
  • Uploading a smaller file. Although you can upload audio in virtually any format, we'd recommend uploading a 128kbps MP3 file. That will be a dramatically smaller file than, say, a WAV or an AIFF file, and Podiant compresses all audio anyway so you won't be saving quality by uploading in a lossless format. If you're worried about compression artefacts, you can upload a higher bitrate MP3 file. But crucially, uploading in MP3 format vs WAV or AIFF will mean you're uploading a file in the 10s of megabytes, instead of the 100s, so should dramatically reduce your upload time.
  • Reboot your router. Make sure no-one else is using the Internet, and try turning the router off, waiting 10 seconds, and turning it on again.
  • Reboot your modem. If your modem is separate from your router, make sure no-one else is using the Internet and turn the router and modem off, wait 10 seconds, and turn your modem on, then turn your router on as soon as the modem's indicator lights show that it has a connection.

In the case of router and modem issues, consult your hardware provider or ISP if you have questions about rebooting.

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