MailChimp is an email sending service with a generous free tier. You can create multiple newsletters within MailChimp, and integrate one of them into your podcast's homepage, to collect email addresses from your listeners.

Enabling MailChimp

  1. From the dashboard of the podcast you want to integrate with, select the "Podcast" menu and then click "Integrations".
  2. Toggle the on/off switch next to "MailChimp" to the "on" position (it's off by default).
  3. Login and authenticate with MailChimp. If you're presented with multiple MailChimp profiles, click the one you'd like to use with Podiant.
  4. Back in your Podiant dashboard, click the "Open preferences" button underneath "MailChimp" and select the mailing list you'd like to add to your podcast website.
  5. Once you're done, click "Save settings".
  6. A simple subscription form will be placed in the sidebar (or other homepage area, depending on your selected theme) of your podcast's website.

MailChimp preferences in more detail

Enable this service

Check this box to ensure the MailChimp form is visible on your podcast's website.

Mailing list

Select the mailing list you'd like subscribers to be added to. If no mailing list is selected, the form will not show or function corretly.


Enter the title for the form. The default is "Sign up to our mailing list".

Submit button text

Enter the text for the button the visitor will click to subscribe to your newsletter. The default is "Sign me up".

Success message

Enter the message new subscribers should see when filling in the form. The default is "Thanks, you’re all signed up.".

What users will see

Users will see a form like the above. They can enter their email address and hit Enter or click the signup button. At that point the form will be replaced with the selected thankyou message. If an error occurred with the form - for example, if the email address was invalid - an error will appear just above the email field, and the user will be able to try resubmitting the form.


Errors enabling the integration

If you encounter an error enabling the integration, contact our support staff, giving as much detail as you can about the errors you're receiving or the unexpected behaviour that's occurring.

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