When you visit your Podiant dashboard, you'll see a heads-up display that looks like his:


The subscriber number is an estimate, taken by looking at the number of people who have downloaded your podcast episode via your feed, within 48 hours of the first episode being published. Using this number is a helpful, but not scientific gauge, as it gives a suggestion of how many people are likely listening to your most recent content.

This number is only an estimate, provided to give you a rough idea of how many people you're regularly reaching.

If you've imported a podcast from another host, this number will remain 0 until both of these things happen:

  1. You publish a new episode and wait 48 hours
  2. You redirect your old feed to your new Podiant feed, so your listeners download the episode from Podiant

Downloads and streams

This is the total number of people who have downloaded an episode of your podcast via the feed, or played it on the website. Every download and play is counted and the number shown here is accurate up to the minute.

On the website, we consider an episode to have been played when at least 25% of the content has been listened to. Within podcast apps, there's no way of knowing if an episode is played, so we count downloads as plays in this instance.

Minutes of audio

This is the total number of minutes of audio you've published. Let's work towards your 10,000 hours!

Total minutes listened

This is an estimate of the total number of minutes of your audio people have listened to. Again, this is only counted from feed downloads and web plays, and can't take into account data from previous hosts.

More in-depth stats

The information given in your heads-up display is more a way for you to track personal achievement. If you need hard numbers, you can use the Analytics link in the dashboard menu, where you can get more information about your downloads: where listeners come from, what devices and software they use, what your most popular episodes are, etc. You can pick timeframes to narrow down your numbers by week or month, which is important when approaching advertisers.

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